Fine traditional Southwest landscapes and Native American still life / wildlife paintings.

About the Artist

One of Rebecca's greatest loves is to observe the natural world and bring bring it to life. As a native Santa Barbaraian, she grew up surrounded by both the vistas and intricacies of nature. Rebecca's love of Natural Science led her to a career first in traditional Botanical and Zoological Scientific Illustration as a Museum illustrator, and later as technologies evolved, to high end 3D computer art and animation and a successful career as a professional Senior Illustrator and Art Director. 

Her art is often a study in contrasts. Rebecca has a great love for the open expanses of the western sky and these are often subjects of her traditional work -- to the other extreme of the minutia of insect patterns or the accurate depiction of native wildflowers. Both extremes have in common a love of light and texture, drawing the viewer into the piece. 

Rebecca is very much drawn to the early California Impressionists, with their love of light, rich colors that combine for a heightened realism. This site features the artist's work portraying traditional Native American artifacts and wildlife, as well as Southwest and California landscapes with their expansive vistas, many of which include the changeable nature of light. Rebecca strives to capture the brisk feeling of an incoming storm, the smell of far-away places in the wind, the rain in distant sage. She loves the quality and changing light that clouds bring, they add richness and depth to the horizon. 

Note: Many pieces are available as reproductions in various forms from where you can order them directly as prints on paper or canvas (framed or unframed) as well as greeting cards, pillows, phone covers, tote bags, cups, etc.. 


Desert Jewels

Desert Jewels

The delicate intricacy of tiny desert denizens inspired patterns in pottery, weaving, making everyday objects also things of beauty.